Gangsim VS. TaeJu [What Happens to My Family?]

# Drama 2014.09.19 View : 778

Sunbong gets drunk and urges his children to hurry up and get married, but Gangjae hurts his feelings by telling him to forget about gaining anything from them. Taeju is furious at Gangshim about Baek Seolhui joining at dinner with his father and tells her to pack up and leave his office. Meanwhile, Seoul gets a job at Eunho’s restaurant behind Dalbong’s back.

Dalbong buys Seoul the dress she was eyeing when he gets paid, and that moves Seoul. Sunbong sees Gangshim getting out of Taeju’s car and assumes Gangshim is seeing someone and gets excited. But soon he finds out about the offer Gangjae got from his director which gives him great shock.

 [What Happens to My Family?]

Showtime: Sat-Sun 07:50pm | Sun-Mon 04:50am (Seoul, UTC+9).


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