What's going on between Eunho and Seoul? [What Happens to My Family?]

# Drama 2014.10.16 View : 2133

Eunho and Seoul looks so close together! Dalbong must be jealous of him! Where is Dalbong? Shouldn't he keep them apart?

Meanwhie, Sunbong is deeply hurt when his family argues over the cash wedding gift Gangjae brought, and Seoul tries to console him. Gangshim tries to figure out how to get rid of her tenant Taeju as quickly as possible, but when he gets into trouble, she decides to help him out.
Gangshim finally gets her job back returns to the director’s office, and she demands Taeju to tell her everything he does. When Sunbong tells Seoul and Dalbong to get married, she gets moved, thinking he has finally accepted her as his daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Heo Yanggeum asks Gangjae to sign a prenuptial agreement.
[What Happens to My Family?]
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