Shin Sekyung to say goodbye to Lee Dongwook [Blade Man]

# Drama 2014.10.29 View : 909

Shin Sekyung starts heart wrenching love with Lee Dongwook in Wed/Thurs drama "Blade Man."

Hongbin, who is able to fall in love with Sedong after overcoming his heartbreaking past, faces a crisis over breaking up with Sedong. In the preview, Sedong tells Honbin that she wants to end their relationship.
Hongbin, however, is trying to keep the relationship with Sedong. Meanwhile, Hongju, who finds out about the secret behind Taehui’s death, is trying to let Hongbin know about it.
[Blade Man]
Showtime: Wed&Thu 10:00pm | Thu&Fri 04:10am | Fri 02:00pm (Seoul, UTC+9).


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