A romantist with gentle charisma, Kang HoSe [You Are My Destiny]

# Drama 2014.10.30 View : 1203

 A romantist with gentle charisma!

Kang HoSe is a manager of Lohas, a company specializing in making kitchen sets.
The CEO's son is an attractive, and open-minded guy and he is also capable. He spent 2 years at overseas branch in Milan.
When it comes to work, he is a perfectionist, but on the other hand, he dreams of unconditional love. He decides to get married to his childhood friend NaYoung, but he is shocked to know that she passed away.
One day, he has a blind date with SaeByuk and falls for her pureness and easygoing personality.
However, he notices SaeByuk had a blind date instead of Kim SooBin and goes out with SooBin. Yet, he realizes he already falls in love with SaeByuk.
"You Are My Destiny" is back on November 3rd.


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