A Cheerful Lady, Jang SaeByuk [You Are My Destiny]

# Drama 2014.10.30 View : 818

Although being raised at an orphanage, SaeByuk grew up as a cheerful lady.

At first, she dreamed of being a painter, but she lost her eye sight by a firework accident and received corneal transplant surgery by Kim NaYoung who passed away in a car crash. Later on, she visits NaYoung's family to say thank you, but the family are unaware of NaYoung's accident and are devastated by the news.
Overcoming prejudice and misunderstanding, SaeByuk tries her best to be an interior designer. In the meantime, she feels great love from NaYoung's family and eventually becomes a part of them by being adopted.
"You Are My Destiny" is back on November 3rd.



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