Gwanghaegun and the people around him [The King's Face]

# Drama 2014.12.03 View : 2313

Prince Gwanghae

 King Seonjo, Gwanghae's father.

Kim GaHui

 Kim DoChi

Lady Kim


King Seonjo is obsessed with what Baek Gyeong, a physiognomist, said about how his face isn’t cut out to be a king. He’s trying to hide the royal book ‘The Secret of the King’s Face,’ which contains what a king’s face should be. 

One night, Gwanghae saw a sign with five stars on the arm of a robber who came to steal ‘The Secret of the King’s Face,’ and tries to find out what’s going on. 

Gahui, who’s living as a man on behalf of her dead brother, attended the rain ritual in the palace and was spotted by the king’s physiognomist, Prof. Ko.



[The King's Face]  - the First Episode

Showtime: Wed-Thu 21:50 | Re-run Thu-Fri 03:00, Thu-Fri 14:00 | Sun 21:20 (Seoul, UTC+9).



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