Three people to flow in an unexpected direction [The Innocent Man]

# Drama 2014.12.10 View : 1013

Kang Maru and Han Jaehui were poor, but they relied on each other as they nurtured their dreams. Maru is top of his class in medical school and Jaehui works as a reporter for HBS.

Seo Eungi was born as the daughter of a giant corporation’s president and raised to be the successor. As they all work for their dreams, Maru gets a call from Jaehui. Eungi’s life also changed since that day. The lives of the three people flow in an unexpected direction.
Maru and Jaehui meet by chance on a plane, but their feelings aren’t the same as they were 6 years ago. Maru saves Eungi’s life, but when Eungi hears about their relationship, she starts to have suspicions. Jaehui feels bad about what happened and gives Maru money. Eungi finds out about this and asks Jaehui about it.
[The Innocent Man]
Showtime: Mon-Thu 23:00 | Re-run: Tue-Fri 04:10, 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9).


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