Naeil gains the strength to perform by Yujin [Naeil's Cantabile]

# Drama 2014.12.10 View : 866

Seol Naeil takes the stage at a piano competition. Thankfully, she shows what she can do and impresses the judges, thus advancing to Round Two. However, an unfriendly face awaits in the later rounds.

Meanwhile, as a result of the vote, Yoo Ilrak is chosen to be Rising Star's soloist. Knowing the members voted for Ilrak because they expected him to step down, Yujin begins to grow sick of the members' attitude.
Just before her performance in the final round, Naeil runs into Ms. Ma, her previous piano teacher responsible for her trauma. She gains the strength to perform thanks to Yujin, and performs with everything she has. However, she interprets the piece as she feels, as usual, so the result is unclear. 
Meanwhile, for Yujin, the Rising Star members are distressed over rumors that he is leaving to study abroad. As problems pile up, even Yunhu appears as the assistant conductor.
[Naeil's Cantabile]
Showtime: Mon-Tue 09:50pm | Sat 09:20pm (Seoul, UTC+9).


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