Eungi introduces Maru to her father [The Innocent Man]

# Drama 2014.12.15 View : 1042

Jaehui doesn’t know what to think about Maru and Eungi. Maru goes to see Eungi and runs into president Seo. Eungi tells him that Maru is her boyfriend. 

President Seo begins to trust Jaehui and puts her in charge of sellin the Aomori resort. Eungi tries to find a way to stop it. Maru finds out how ambitious Jaehui is and plans to stop her.
Eungi goes to Japan to stop the sale of the resort and Maru goes to Japan to help her. With Maru’s help, Eungi finds a way to save the resort. She rushes to the signing ceremony, but the contract has already been signed.
[The Innocent Man]
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