Code name: Healer, Seo JeongHu [Healer]

# Drama 2014.12.19 View : 2476

 Seo JeongHu (cast: Ji ChangWook)

His code name is “Healer.”
Being equipped with wearable smart devices, Seo JeongHoo completes any missions with his superb intuition and martial art skills.
His goal is to buy an uninhabited island in the South Pacific and live there alone, but his plan starts to go wrong when he gets to know YoungShin.
He begins to be interested in the world which other people define as “Love.” However, when the hidden truth floats to the surface, his love is getting dangerous.
[Healer] - Premiers on December 22nd.
Showtime: Mon-Tue 09:50pm | Sat 09:20pm (Seoul, UTC+9).


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