Cheerful and eccentric journalist, Chae YoungShin [Healer]

# Drama 2014.12.19 View : 969

Chae YoungShin (cast: Park MinYoung)

Brilliant and eccentric journalist of “Someday News.”
Although she is not working at a major broadcasting corporation, she dreams to be a legendary journalist like Oriana Fallaci someday.
Her life is getting tired because of two men; newcomer journalist Seo JeongHoo who follows her like a stalker and Kim MoonHo who says he can help her dreams come true and trains her intensively.
When they get along each other, mysterious and dangerous accidents follow and she faces her past with causeless pain.
[Healer] - Premiers on December 22nd.
Showtime: Mon-Tue 09:50pm | Sat 09:20pm (Seoul, UTC+9).


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