Sunbong gets into a scuffle with Taeju [What Happens to My Family?]

# Drama 2014.12.19 View : 936

Sunbong gets into a scuffle with Taeju at the lobby of Taeju’s company which sends Taeju to the ethics committee. Romance gossip of Seoul and Eunho blows out of proportion as Baek Seolhui tries to get Eunho to do an interview refuting the rumor.

Meanwhile, Hoe Yanggeum appears when Gangshim is about to reveal Miss Ko’s past. She leaves Sunbong’s house in a hurry, but Miss Ko catches up with her, and Yanggeum ends up having to do a huge favor for her. Gangshim makes an important decision after witnessing the disadvantages Taeju suffers from trying to protect her.
[What Happens to My Family?]
Showtime: Sat-Sun 19:50 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 04:50, Tue-Wed 01:30, Sat-Sun 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9).


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