Hosae insists on calling off the wedding [You Are My Destiny]

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Hosae insists on calling off the wedding, which upsets his mother and father. Yeongsuk waits Punggeum’s approval for a yes on adopting Saebyeok. 

Yeongsuk and Hwaran also worry that Soyeong may be a little too immature. Taeyeong is forced to give up his job search because of the many rumors. Yuri succeeds in getting Taepung’s number, while Subin plots to send Saebyeok to Russia.

Just as Hosae is about to announce that the wedding is off, Subin pretends to faint. She gets into a huge fight with Hosae. 

Daejin’s family accepts Saebyeok as their daughter and they have a small party. Taeyeong tries to get a job at Hwaran’s store. Yuri keeps trying to get closer to Taepung, while Subin and Minjeong both work to send Saebyeok away to Russia.


[You Are My Destiny]

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