TV drama director, Cha YunHui [My Husband Got a Family]

# Drama 2015.01.06 View : 903

Cha YunHui (cast: Kim NamJoo)
TV drama director. 

Cha YunHui can’t let go of any injustice and fights against it.

Yunhui had suffered enough from family conflicts between her mother and her paternal grandmother. Thus, she is afraid of having in-laws when getting married and dreams of a competent man who has no parents.

One day, she finds her prince charming Bang GwiNam, American-Korean adoptee and is about to come true her dream, but her in-laws suddenly show up in front of them.


[My Husband Got a Family]

Showtime: PremierWed 11:20 | Re-run: Sat 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9).



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