Gwanghae get married while Gahui watching [The King's Face]

# Drama 2015.01.07 View : 2131

Gwanghae feels resentment that King Seonjo hasn’t used the Jang Sutae’s secret book to punish corrupt officials, and decides to become king himself. Gwanghae get married while Gahui watching.

King Seonjo declares that he’d choose Crown Prince disregarding age. In the meantime, Dochi planned to get rid of Gwanghae using Imhae.

Also, King Seonjo goes to see Gahui at Jinjugak. Gahui gets into the room where King Seonjo is waiting for her, with a knife hidden in her clothing. Gwanghae warns King Seonjo about war. In the meantime, a soldier covered in blood comes to the capital.


[The King's Face] 

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