Eungi decides to get revenge against Maru and Jaehui [The Innocent Man]

# Drama 2015.01.08 View : 1228

Eungi gets her memory back and decides to get revenge against Maru and Jaehui.
Maru loves Eungi, but realizes he can’t go any closer. Still, he is more worried that Eungi will be hurt.

Maru blames himself for the way Jaehui turned out. He offers her a chance to start over with him. Eungi sees them together and feels jealous and mad.

Minyeong can’t stand that Jaehui is still obsessed with Maru. Eungi investigates her father’s death again. Then, Junha tells Maru about the day president Seo died and gets seriously injured in a car accident. Eungi is sure Jaehui is behind her father’s death.


[The Innocent Man]

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