Eungi finally realizes she was wrong about Maru [The Innocent Man]

# Drama 2015.01.09 View : 1157

Maru asks Eungi to run away with him, but Eungi says it was over between them a long time ago and the most important thing to do is to find the truth.

Then, Maru goes to Jaehui and tells her to turn herself in since he sent the recording to the police. 

Jaegil discovers Maru on the floor. Jaehui and Eungi find out that Maru is seriously ill. Eungi finally realizes she was wrong about Maru.

[The Innocent Man] - the finale

Showtime: Mon-Thu 23:00 | Re-run: Tue-Fri 04:10, 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9).


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