Yunhui to meet her in-law family [My Husband Got a Family]

# Drama 2015.02.11 View : 1024

Cha Yunhui virtually worked her whole life and rejected so many men not to see this day coming. The day she would meet the in-laws. The fact that Terry was adopted to America and had not real parents was perfect for her. Now the day has come. It's such a joyous day but she looks so out of energy. The first meeting between Yunhui and her new in-law family!

Desperate for Gwinam not to be separated from his family again, Cheongae makes a desperate bid to try and convince Yunhui to stay. Meanwhile, Yun Bin visits the TV station to try and get himself on the new singing show as Malsuk finally meet her match when it comes to the guy that she can't get everything she wants from.


[My Husband Got a Family]

Showtime: Wed 11:20 | Re-run: Sat 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9).


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