Gwanghae tries to prove Dochi is a traitor [The King's Face]

# Drama 2015.02.11 View : 1591

Ming asks Joseon for Imhae and 500,000 silver coins, and the government is in turmoil. Gwanghae contacts the Jurchens secretly. Dochi tells King Seonjo about the meeting between Gwanghae and a Jurchen. Gahui and Gwanghae receive suspicious notes.

Eunuch Song starts realizing what Kim Dochi’s ambition is. Gwanghae, with the help of Gwi-in Kim, is trying to prove to King Seonjo that Kim Dochi is a traitor. Gwanghae, King Seonjo, Kim Dochi, and Gwi-in Kim gather and Dochi’s faces a big crisis.


[The King's Face]

Showtime: Wed-Thu 21:50 | Re-run Thu-Fri 03:00, 14:00 | Sun 21:20 (Seoul, UTC+9) 


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