Hyerim follows Gicheol’s order to protect Seonu [Spy]

# Drama 2015.02.13 View : 992

Suyeon's death puts Seonu into shock. He decides that he must save her family to keep his promise. Junghyeok tries to put all of the blame on Seonu. Meanwhile, Gicheol has lost patience with Hyerim and makes her promise something really dangerous in place of taking her son.

Hyerim believes that Gicheol's put a listening device in Yunjin's house and goes to investigate. But instead she discovers something very disturbing about Yunjin's identity. Meanwhile, Seonu does what he can to get Suyeon's family to safety. And with the clues that have been left, he gets a few steps closer to identifying Gicheol.



Showtime: Fri 21:00 | Re-run: Fri 16:10, 17:00 | Sun 23:40, 12:30 (Seoul, UTC+9).


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