The family gets a surprise visit from Taeju [What Happens to My Family?]

# Drama 2015.02.13 View : 1057

The family gets a surprise visit from Taeju while trying to figure out where Sunbong went with Miss Ko. Taeju tells them he is going to live with them for a week, and things at their house seem to go back to normal.

Miss Ko tells Gangshim she wants to marry Sunbong and spend whatever time he has left with him, and Gangshim feels suspicious of Miss Ko’s intention. Dalbong oversleeps and ends up making tofu that tastes stale, and he wonders about whether or not he should sell it.


[What Happens to My Family?]

Showtime: Sat-Sun 19:50 | Re-run: Sun-Mon 04:50, Tue-Wed 01:30, Sat-Sun 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9).



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