The Best Meal with a Drink, Part 2 [Two Days and One Night]

# Entertainment 2015.05.08 View : 1331

The 12 members head out to 6 different regions all over Korea!

This week, they partake in a new style of dinner game of chance. A relay in which every team must succeed. Will they come together and all eat together?

6 different regions and 6 different missions. All must be completed in 5 minutes. What will happen to these 12 members?

And for the first time, our guests will be sleeping outdoors with the members. Even the chefs can't avoid sleeping game of chance. Then it's the day of the cooking battle for the best meal with a drink. The sleeping game of chance will affect the cook off.

[Two Days and One Night]

Showtime: Sun 18:00 | Re-run: Mon 03:00, 17:20 (Seoul, UTC+9).


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