Myeongseok says he won't do the show without Inyeong [The Virtual Bride]

# Drama 2015.09.01 View : 1372

Myeongseok says he won't do the show if it isn't with Inyeong. Inyeong overhears this and thinks he has feelings for her. Thus, she decides to create a little romance between them.

Yeonga does all the work to get Mihui elected village chief, but Junsu complains and tells her to take better care of his mom.

Inyeong gets top on search engines as the Loach Girl, but people's attention is fleeting. Chunja is afraid Inyeong will flirt with Myeongseok and refuses to continue the show.

Meanwhile, Mihui submits a proposal to turn Chunja's traditional house into a global medical center, and tells Yeonga to get them to sign the approval.

[The Virtual Bride]

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