Fitness Training and Special Training with Judo Heroines [Cool Kiz On The Block]

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Last week, The Cool Kiz got a new member, Amateur boxer, Kim Yeongho. He challenged judo for the first time!

Also, the heroes of Korean judo visited the Cool Kiz. 1996 Olympic gold medalist, Jeon Kiyoung and 2004 Olympic silver medalist Jang Seongho. They competed against the Cool Kiz, the first official match.

This week, Cool Kiz is competing with Olympic medalists with a different game, grab the opponent's collar and you can win! It’s a grip power training to suppress the opponent. This interesting game excites the judo team. The ace, Jaeyoon, competes against coach Cho with pull-ups. Who is the king of pull-ups?

They're here to improve the judo team's skills. The legends of Korean women's judo are here. Gold medalists, Kim Mijung and Cho Minsun! Break away from their nureugi skills. Who will break away from them?

[Cool Kiz On The Block]

Showtime: Wed 00:10 | Re-run: Wed 07:40, Tue 16:10 (Seoul, UTC+9).


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