Gaeddong warns Bongsam to run away from Shin Seokju [The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]

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Because of the situation surrounding the tax rice, the relationship between Kim Bohyeon and Shin Seokju, the Great Chief, go sour. Maewol suggests that Kim Bohyeon should hire Gil Sogae as the Inspector of the tax rice boat to beat Shin Seokju. Shin Seokju is looking for someone who he can trust with this rice delivery boat. Cheon Bongsam says he can persuade the Songpa Gang to go on the boat.

Bongsam and Sosa are reunited at the ritual to the Sea Gods and find out that they still have feelings for each other. Shin Seokju sees them together and finds out the relationship between them. Gaeddong warns Bongsam to run away from Shin Seokju. The night before the tax delivery boat sets sail, Bongsam receives a letter from Shin Seokju.

[The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]

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