B.A.P to disclose MV behind-the-scene cuts of ‘Young, Wild & Free’

# K-POP 2015.12.08 View : 5627

B.A.P disclosed some behind-the-scene cuts from the music video for its title track ‘Young, Wild & Free.’ In the photos, B.A.P members are posing individually in front of the red iron bars. Inside the bar, there was a female lion, alive.

“I was scared at the beginning to shoot in front of a living lion, but we became quite closer later on. Her name is Remi. I interacted with her by making eye contact and calling her name. It was a unique experience,” Youngjae stated.

Meanwhile, B.A.P will appear on this week’s Music Bank on Friday 6:30 PM.

[Photo Credit TS Entertainment]


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