Bongsam discovers the secret of Bukgwan Pass [The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]

# Drama 2015.12.10 View : 5437

Bongsam finds out that Gil Sogae is the last person that his father talked to before he died. Gil Sogae meets Shin Gabsu and asks him to take the paper and kill Cheon Bongsam. Without knowing it, Bongsam and his gang decide to go over Pungdeungryeong while risking their lives.

Bongsam discovers the secret of Bukgwan Pass and becomes furious with Shin Seokju. Shin Seokju offers Cheon Bongsam Mr. Cheon's Gaekju in exchange for Cheon Bongsam's silence about Bukgwan Pass. Gil Sogae and Shin Seokju order the stores in Wonsan not to sell anything to the peddlers. Bongsam is facing a huge crisis.

[The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]

Showtime: Wed-Thu 21:50 | Re-run: Thu-Fri 03:00, 14:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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