Bongsam is framed for cowhide smuggling [The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]

# Drama 2015.12.23 View : 5328

Bongsam is framed for cowhide smuggling and illegal cow butchering. Gaeddong tries hard to persuade Bongsam to take Kim Bohyeon's hand to survive, but Bongsam feels guilty.

In the meantime, Bongsam couldn't get dried pollack because Shin Seokju and the merchants in Wonsanpo made a deal, so Bongsam decides to dry pollack himself. In the meantime, Seorin’s due date is approaching. Shin Seokju has decided to kill his wife after she delivers the baby.

[The Merchant : Gaekju 2015]

Showtime: Wed-Thu 21:50 | Re-run: Thu-Fri 03:00, 14:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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