Jun Hyunmoo, Kim Sohyun, Park Bogum selected as MCs for annual KBS Drama Awards

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The 2015 KBS Drama Awards will take place today at 8:30 PM in the KBS annex. Jun Hyunmoo, Kim Sohyun, and Park Bogum have been confirmed to be the MCs for KBS Drama Awards this year. In case of Jun Hyunmoo, he has been working hard for KBS by being in charge of various TV programs.

Kim Sohyun who performed a role in ‘Who Are You’ early this year is not only this year’s Drama Awards MC, but is also selected as one of the nominees of Best New Actress Award. What is more, she has a special stage with Yook Sungjae to show.

Park Bogum has received positive comments on his acting skills from KBS drama, ‘Hello Monster.’ Also, he is the MC from KBS Music Bank and is known for his well-spoken manners.

Many are looking forward to their hosting skills. Don’t miss out on the KBS Drama Awards taking place today!


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