iKON’s Bobby, "I was so lonely, I had an imaginary chat with my computer every night" [Happy Together]

# Entertainment 2016.01.07 View : 5773

iKON’s Bobby’s Christmas nightmare will make everyone sad.

B.I and Bobby join the hosts of “Happy Together” for a special episode honoring all the singles celebrating Christmas alone this year. They have a small Christmas solo party together at the home of emcee Jo Seho instead of the original set.

On the show, the guests talk about their worst Christmas story. And, Bobby reveals what he did when he was lonely every day. He says, “I was so lonely that I had an imaginary chat with my computer every night.” To this, Yoo Jaesuk asks what kind of conversation they usually had. And, Bobby answered with a laugh, “If I ask whether he had a meal, he answers me back that he had. But, he does not question me back."

[Happy Together]

Showtime: Fri 00:10 | Re-run: Fri 07:40, Thu 16:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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