Moorim Campus, to be in a love square [Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]

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Siu, Sundeok, Chiang and Seona are involved with each other as mentors and mentees.

Students of Moorim School are on a mid-term week. For Siu and Chiang, Sundeok and Seona who are in an advanced class decide to help the two with their studies. This evokes romance in between them.

Although Siu and Chiang got expelled from school for fighting, their friendship is not as bad as before after going on a mission trip together.

From the last episode, Siu and Sundeok rode a motorcycle on their way back to school. In case of Chiang who has a crush on her, he would not be very happy when he finds out what is going on in between Siu and Sundeok.

As the four members become mentors and mentees, their romance story is getting much attention. 

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[Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]

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