Hyunjun, to break up with Seunghee [Iris]

# Drama 2016.02.16 View : 3959

Hyunjun and Seunghee finally make a period to their romance. 

Today's highlight is the scene when Hyunjun gives his last kiss to Seunghee when she is fainted.

Hyunjun makes Seunghee faint so that she does not get hurt anymore. But, other agents are cruel and meticulous. They wake her up and inject her some medicine to speak out. Thinking that she will be useful someday, they order Hyunjun to release her. 

On the way, Hyunjun touches her face with a bruise on carefully. "As you worry, I have become a monster and I don't think I could go back. Please forget about me," cries Hyunjun, while kissing her forehead.

Now expectations are high for how things between Hyunjun and Seunghee will work out.

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