Lee Yuri on the screen! [The Promise]

# Drama 2016.02.17 View : 6619

It is finally Yuri's turn to appear on the screen as Lee Nayeon.

Lee Yuri plays two different roles in KBS new drama "The Promise". Lee Nayeon is a very strong character who delivers lunch boxes. Unlike Nayeon, Baek Dohui is a coldhearted character. 

On today's episode, Lee Yuri acts as Nayeon and shows us how she sacrifices for her family and lover. 

As Lee Nayeon seems to grow up as a bright woman, what has happened to her for the last fifteen years arouses our curiosity. 

According to Neo Entertainment, as Lee Yuri joins in the drama, the main story is finally starting. Watch how Lee Yuri changes into Lee Nayeon!

[Image source: Neo Entertainment]

[The Promise]

Showtime: Mon-Fri 08:50, 15:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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