MAMAMOO, to shoot jacket images in Thailand

# K-POP 2016.02.19 View : 5821

Having a few days before the release date, MAMAMOO filmed their jacket images for the first time in Thailand. 

On their official SNS account, the group posted some of the teaser images. The members' beautiful smiles are gifted with strong personal magnetism.

Through the teaser images, MAMAMOO shows their freewheeling and active style, which is what their fans like about them the most. Each member has different styles. Solar and Hwa Sa are very girlish and pure. Moon Byul has a perfect body and Whee In has a good sense of fashion. 

As you can see from their pictures, MAMAMOO will show a somewhat different style this time. Check these girls out!

[Image source: RBW]


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