Kim Dongwan, to act as a special teacher [Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]

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On today's epsiode, SHINHWA's Kim Dongwan makes his appearance at school. He comes to Moorim School to help the students prepare for the Moorim contest. Just by being on the screen, he will revitalize the drama. 

His role is Kang Taeo, neatly dressed in Taekwondo uniform. As seen from the picture, Kim Dongwan seems to be into his role. His fans cannot wait any longer to see his performance.

The school president, Hwang Musong, makes a special class for the students to prepare for the Moorim contest. He believes Taeo would be the right person who could lead his students. Taeo is one of the graduates and he always received perfect scores on tests. 

And, Musong is right. As soon as Taeo comes back to school and meets his juniors, he finds out every problem they have and help them straighten it.

In fact, Kim Dongwan has an experience of acting with Taekwondo uniform on when he filmed "Spin Kick" in 2004. He is already familiar with performing action scenes. 

The drama staff said, "Siu and Chiang are aware that Taeo is Sundeok's first love. What would happen between these young men is something you might want to know."

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[Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]

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