Yoo Sijin, to save Moyeon's life [Descendants of the Sun]

# Drama 2016.03.16 View : 11736

Today is #DOTS day!

In today's episode, Yoo Sijin saves Moyeon's life from a cliff. She tries to make a call while driving, which she should never do. Because of this, she is about to hit a car from the opposite direction. To avoid the car, she spins the wheel sharply and ends up on the edge of the cliff. 

Thankfully, Sijin answers the phone and rushes over to save Moyeon. Although she faints away in the end, he saves her from falling off the cliff like a man.

After coming to consciousness again, Moyeon hears from someone else that Sijin is going back to Korea. This makes her upset. But, Sijin does not stop complicating her mind. He says, "About the kiss I did to you with no permission, should I apologize or confess my love?"

Are you ready for today's episode? 

[Descendants of the Sun]

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