Cheon Eunju, "Stay away from my husband!" [Babysitter]

# Drama 2016.03.22 View : 4222

Today, Cheon Eunju rises up in anger after finding about the inappropriate relationship between Yoo Sangwon and Jang Seokryu

When Eunju unpacks Sangwon's bag, she finds a small accessory box inside. She thinks it is obviously for her. However, she gets a different present from Sangwon

Poor Eunju. The jewelry box belongs to Seokryu, the babysitter. What's worse, Eunju finds out about this. 

Eunju, not being able to contain her sorrow, starts wailing. As soon as Seokryu comes over to see what is happening, Eunju slaps her in the face. 

Would Seokryu stop seeing Sangwon? What would happen between Eunju and Sangwon in the end?


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