Eunju, to reveal Sangwon has an affair with her babysitter [Babysitter]

# Drama 2016.03.28 View : 3639

Today, Eunju finds out about immoral intimacy between her husband and Seokryu. She is obviously very upset about it and prepares to make plans of revenge in her mind. 

When Eunju is having a family meeting, she tells everyone at the table about Sangwon and Seokryu. However, she will not stop. At the annual charity auction, she submits her art work. And, it is the drawing of herself, Seokryu and Sangwon

Sangwon's mother asks the three to come over because she wants to end the situation. Eunju implores him to stop what is going on between him and Seokryu

She cries, "You two are making me an insane woman. Is this what you want it to be?" As Sangwon's mother hears this, she says sadly, "I can't believe I have a grandchild from this kind of person."

Eunju, hearing this, goes mad and slashes at her with a knife. This incident makes her family send her to a mental institution.


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