Red Velvet Wendy, "I am completely devoid of charm" [Hello, Counselor]

# Entertainment 2016.04.04 View : 6366

Tonight's counselors will be Cho Woojong, Hong Jinho, Red Velvet Irene and Wendy

Sitting around together, they catch up on each other's lives. Cho Woojong is working as a radio host with Hong Jinho. Together they give advice to couples. 

Jung Chanwoo asks Red Velvet whether they have questions about relationships. To this, Wendy says, smiling brightly, "I am not very charming with guys. Is acting charming really necessary?"

However, Shin Dongyup doesn't seem to agree with her. He encourages her by telling her that she is already cute enough even if she does not act charming. 

How about you? Do you think acting charming is necessary?

[Hello, Counselor]

Showtime: Tue 00:10 | Re-run: Tue 07:40, Mon 16:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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