EUNJO thinks DEULHO calls her 'MY BABY' [My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

# Drama 2016.05.02 View : 2903

Today, Lee Eunjo thinks Joe Deulho is talking to her when he is to his daughter on the phone. 

Deulho successfully proves that the kindergarten teacher Hyojin is not guilty and claims that she'd been framed. To celebrate winning the trial, he goes out for drinks with his colleagues. He ends up getting drunk and sits on the stairs in front of the office together with Eunjo

On the phone, Deulho says out loud, "My baby," and Eunjo misunderstands that this is meant for her. She becomes very shy after hearing this. She talks to him back, "Baby? I am too old to be called like that..." But, as soon as she finds out he is making a call, she gets so embarrassed that she pretends she is sleeping. 

Isn't Lee Eunjo so adorable?

[My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

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