DEULHO, JIUK and HAEGYEONG's FIRST encounter! [My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

# Drama 2016.05.03 View : 4811

Today, you can find out how Joe Deulho first met Shin Jiuk and Jang Haegyeong. They experienced something extraordinary together on their first meeting. 

Shin Jiuk and Jang Haegyeong were the new recruits and had to go through all sorts of difficulties with Joe Deulho

More specifically, the relationship between Shin Jiuk and Joe Deulho was a bit different from how it is today. Did they mix like oil and water far back then?

What's more, Joe Deulho and Jang Haegyeong's love story will be shown as well.

Don't miss out on today's episode!

[My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

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