Joe Deulho, to comfort Eunjo after a long, harsh day! [My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

# Drama 2016.05.09 View : 3027

Today is Lee Eunjo's troubling day. Having mistreated by Daehwa Group, her father causes a scene on the roof of the building by threatening to commit suicide. 

And, Eunjo realizes that her father is heavily in debt and that their house is repossessed. This reminds her of when her mother got kicked out of her own restaurant. She's buried in grief but she is not alone. Joe Deulho comes to comfort her. 

Deulho says, "That's just the way it is... Eat and sleep. When you feel down, sing your favorite song." Then, he sings 'Prince of the Sea' for her. 

We all hope she gets better soon!

[My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

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