ERIC NAM is every girl's wannabe BOYFRIEND! [Happy Together]

# Entertainment 2016.05.26 View : 5919

Eric Nam, Rainbow's Jisook, Han Heejun, Ji Sangryeol and Ji Seunghyeon will be on today's 'Happy Together'.

Eric Nam is every girl's ideal boyfriend. But, it seems like he does not understand why he is popular among girls. 

Han Heejun says, "John Park used to be the most popular star among other Korean Americans. But, now, the popularity of Eric Nam exceeds that of him." 

On today's 'Happy Together', you can be entertained by Eric Nam's good manners.

[Happy Together]

Showtime: Thur 00:10 | Re-run: Fri 07:40, Thu 16:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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