JOE DEULHO, "30 billion won to CHARITY!" [My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

# Drama 2016.05.30 View : 3367

On today's 'My Lawyer, Mr. Joe' episode, Joe Deulho and Lee Eunjo work hard together to prove Jang Haegyeong's innocence. 

Joe Deulho thinks of a way to save Haegyeong. He confronts Chief Prosecutor Shin, regarding her arrest. Even though Chief Prosecutor Shin remains calm, it seems like he is hiding the real reason behind all of this. 

Catching up with Shin Jiuk, he insists that Haegyeong is innocent. Will Jiuk help him to rescue her? 

Meanwhile, Joe Deulho prepares a press conference and announces that Geumsan Group is making a huge contribution to charity. He introduces Chief Prosecutor Shin as the selfless prosecutor and tells the audience that he is donating 30 billion won. Having no choice, he has to stand up and accept the applause.

[My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

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