Their SECOND MARRIAGE is again covered with DARK CLOUDS! [Five Enough]

# Drama 2016.06.03 View : 3907

Things, so far, seemed to work out fine for Lee Sangtae and An Mijeong from 'Five Enough'. However, they end up facing another big hardship again.

Being frightened by something, Sangtae and Mijeong hurry themselves out of their car. Meanwhile, Seong Byeongsuk is staring fiercely at someone, and Mijeong tries to break up cold air between the two. Sangtae, as well, is stopping the fight.

As Sangtae's mother Oh Misuk finds out about the fact that Mijeong actually has three children of her own, she changes her mind. She decides to object to their marriage. 

After seeing how things are going on, whether or not Sangtae and Mijeong can successfully get married is what we all want to know!

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[Five Enough]

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