JOE DEULHO makes his last SHOCKING statement! [My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

# Drama 2016.06.07 View : 3524

Last week, Joe Deulho declared a war against Chief Prosecutor Shin. And, the scandal between Chief Prosecutor Shin and Daehwa Group was exposed to the public.

Instead of facing Joe Deulho, Mr. Shin deals with the situation by putting his family in danger. When Deulho bumps into him in the hallway, he tells him to stop immediately what he's been planning to do. However, he is not willing to hold back.

Shin Jiuk asks his father if the evidence from the hearing was true, but he is not interested in the truth. It seems like the conflict between father and son will continue. 

You can watch how Deulho continues to fight for justice in the courtroom. Say goodbye to our Superman!

[Image source: SM C&C]

[My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]

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