BECKY and OKHUI are back! [Becky's Back]

# Drama 2016.06.13 View : 11319

KBS new drama 'Becky's Back' is off a good start. 

As mentioned in its synopsis, the drama is about Yang Baekhui who comes back to her hometown in almost 18 years. She wants to hide herself and her daughter from her home folks, but it is not easy.

As soon as she lands on the island, people start to recognize her. And, it seems like the three men, shown in the picture above, are close friends to Baekhui

The first episode of 'Becky's Back' will air tonight!

[Becky's Back]

Showtime : Mon-Tue 21:50 | Re-run: Mon-Tue 03:00 | Tue-Wed 14:00 | Sat 21:20 l Mon 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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