EXCLUSIVE: 'Uncontrollably Fond' KIM WOOBIN and SUZY say hi to their fans! [Uncontrollably Fond]

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By Editor YOO l July 5, 2016


On July 4, the premiere press conference of KBS highly anticipated new drama 'Uncontrollably Fond' was held at Grand Hyatt in Seoul. On this day, Park Hyeonseok, the main producer of the drama, Kim Woobin, Bae Suzy, Lim Juhwan and Lim Jueun attended the event. 

Kim Woobin and Suzy are the main leads in this drama. 'Uncontrollably Fond' is a heartbreaking love story of a couple who meet each other again as a top star and a documentary producer after breaking up.

According to director Park Hyeonseok, their romance is not sad all the time. It features all different kinds of feelings one can experience when in love.

Suzy, who is also a member of girl group Miss A, said, "I wanted to take part in this drama as soon as I read its scripts. The character I am playing, as well, is very lovely and attractive. I was attached by the role,"

"It was my first time working with Kim Woobin. I can say that he is the best partner. He's very considerate, hard working. There's a lot I can learn from him," she continued.

Kim Woobin makes his comeback as superstar Shin Junyeong who meets his childhood crush No Eul again after they grow up. He said, "I am a great fan of writer Lee Gyeonghui. I just made up my mind when I heard the drama is written by her. The message that she tries to convey is so clear-cut and beautiful,"

"Suzy fills up the surrounding atmosphere with her bright energy. Whenever she is around, it makes all the staff smile. And, Suzy, as a partner, helps me work more comfortably. She also has great talents. I learned a lot from her."

Are you ready for their drama? The first episode will be on air this Thursday!

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