SUNNY and SOLJI, "Girl groups do date boys, too!" [Happy Together]

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Girls' Generation's Sunny and EXID's Solji reveals some tips of how girl group members have a secret date

On tonight's 'Happy Together', Sunny, Soji, Cha-Hee, Solbin, Yerin and Sejeong will be cooling the hot summer night down. 

Not only are they so eager to do funny faces, but they are also very excited to talk about dating

More specifically, Cha-Hee says, "I have dated a guy after my debut." 

To this, Sunny adds by saying, "It is really hard to keep it a secret. We need a mobile phone to date a guy." Solji comments, "The first year after debut is the toughest. But, after that, it gets loose." As Sunny and Solji speak about their tips, the other younger guests who have debuted much later than the two seem very interested!

[Happy Together]

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