SUA and DOWOO make an END to their relationship! [On the Way to the Airport]

# Drama 2016.10.21 View : 3674

On tonight's 'On the Way to the Airport', Sua decides to say good-bye to Dowoo

Sua finds out that her best friend is her husband's ex-girlfriend. And, her younger brother tells her that he has been visiting her place from time to time. As she can't believe what she's hearing, she cannot stop shedding her tears.

Meanwhile, Dowoo discovers his wife's real face. As the secret about their daughter's death is revealed, he lets out a howl of anguish. To keep his mother's will, he decides to move apart and asks his wife for a divorce

Having a lot on her mind, she flies over to Jeju Island with her daughter. There, she calls Dowoo that they should stop seeing each other. Knowing what she means very well, he agrees with her.

Nevertheless, they meet again like a fate. Now, what happens next?

[On the Way to the Airport]

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